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Friendship Whatsapp Status:
Friendship Whatsapp Status in English

Satisfy the Person Who expect smile Rather
Surprising the Person Who Never Expected Nothing.

Funny Status for WhatsaApp
I Love My Job - Funny Whatsapp Status
I love my job when i am on vacations… 🙂

Ability to take failures makes you successful
Ability to
failures makes

Whatsapp Funny Status:
Attitude Whatsapp Status in English
WAIT! Do you have
to see my status.

Whatsapp Love Status:
Best Love Status for Whatsapp
Being in love
someone and still single.

Very Funny Whatsapp Status for You:
Few things don’t show - Whatsapp Status

Funny Whatsapp Status:
Funny Whatsapp Status in ENglish
Scratch here ▒▒▒▒
reveal your PIN,
You need to authenticate
yourself to see my status ?

Best Friend Funny Status for Whatsapp

Funny with that best friend
Even the most serious
in world seems to be funny
with that best friend.

I am not perfect in everything status
I am not perfect in
everything but
I am perfect no one
is better than me.

I don’t hate Peoples - Whatsapp Status
I don’t hate Peoples,
I just love Peoples
who love me.

I Like it Whatsapp Status
I Like it when people
look at my status and say

I love to work for - Whatsapp Status
I love to work for
my dreams
rather than someone elses.

I Love You Whatsapp Status:
I Love You Whatsapp Status
Straight little
3 words for
I Love You.

I never live like candle - Whatsapp Status
I never live like candle
I cant let people be
bright while keeping myself in
dark.Rather I would prefer
to be SUN.

Whatsapp Funny Status:
I’m so good at Slepping CrazyStatus for Whatsapp
I’m so good at
I can do it with my
eyes CLOSED ?

If the facts don’t fit Whatsapp Status
If the facts don’t fit
the theory,
the facts but not theory.

Love Whatsapp Status
The most painful thing in
is being loved and then

Man and God met Whatsapp Status
Man and God met
somewhere, both exclaimed:
“My Creator!”

My parents are My world - Whatsapp Statusj
My parents are My world,
I go on world tour daily.

New Best Whatsapp Life Status
Don’t wait for that
take the moment and
make it perfect.

No Status for Whatsapp
***No Status***

Funny Status
Stop checking my status
Stop checking my
better you have your own.

Whatsapp Funniest Status
There are 3 kind of people - Whatsapp Funny Status
There are 3 kind
of people:-
non-vegetarian &
only non-vegetarian… 🙂

True Life Status for Whatsapp
True Whatsapp Status
The problem is
you think you’ve time…!!!

Truth is superficial
Truth is superficial
fake is beneficial.

Trying to succeed - Funny Whatsapp Status
Trying to succeed ->
Started with deleting
whatsapp account.

Whatsapp Best Status on Life
Every second I spend
with you
is like turning dreams true.

Best Status for Whatsapp
Whatsapp Best Status
I m not special person
but they just

Funny Whatsapp Status
Whatsapp Funny Status in English
Status Unavailable,
please try and reload
again…… 🙂

Your status won’t ever matchYour status won’t
ever match
my status neither
in whatsapp nor in reality.

Whatsapp Best DP Status in English:
Understanding is important than perfection - Whatsapp DP Status.jpg
Understanding is important than perfection….!!!

Whatsapp Status on Life:
Failures are temporary - Whatsapp Life Status in English.jpg

Whatsap Status in English on Love:
Whatsap Love Status in English

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